School Staff

Administrative Staff Phone Extensions Email Address
    *Red names indicate link to teacher website
Terry Cleland, Junior High Principal, Athletic Director 259
Kerstin Womble, Elementary Principal, Athletic Director 201
Teaching Staff
April Rader, Kindergarten     242
Amy Wade, Kindergarten
LaToyia Forester, First Grade                  
Becky Cobb, First Grade
Jill Ashbacher, First Grade 232
Paula Fleury, Second Grade 230
Jennifer Potter, Second Grade     231
Alicia Nunn, Second Grade 205
Trina Ysusi, Third Grade 235
Carolyn Williams, Third Grade 237
Taylor Wright, Third Grade   
Liz Wood, Fourth Grade 227
Amanda Jones, Fourth Grade 243
Mariah Bush, Fifth Grade212
Theresa Wymore, Fifth Grade
Karl Wicker, PE 224
Sara Firm, Vocal Music 241
Amy Christman, Computer Lab 226
Title Reading and Math:

Susan Polhlopek 236
Amy Christman     226
Jeana Kotzman 240
Junior High:
Shane Wade, PE 211
Dennis Davied, Science 210
Karl Wicker, PE 224
Sara Firm, Vocal Music 241
Mishelle Kmiec, Math, Social Studies
Starla Parsons, Grammar, Reading
Amy Gorman, Grammar, Reading
Wendi O'Rand, Grammar, Reading
Stephanie Underwood, Math

Special Services:
Salli Chowning, Special Education 255
Patricia Garrett, Special Education 225
Nick Born, School Psychologist 213
Brad Johnson, Gifted Education 213
Janelle Frazier, Speech Services 218
Beverly Presley, School Counselor 217

Support Staff
Diane Cameron, Junior High Secretary, Director of Technology 200
Marie Williford, Elementary Secretary, Project Care 246
Pam Courtney, Library
Mary Jones, Library Aide 239
Shelly Burns, Nurse Aide219
Mitzi Cronister, Teacher Aide 209
Tomi Doubledee, Teacher Aide        209
Food Service
Kim Meeks Food Service Director 207
Judy Stansbury 227
Cody Ybarra 227
Jeanette Campbell 227
Jodi Stewart 227